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Classroom & Practical Learning

For each module there will be a classroom day based at Princess of Wales Hospital Bridgend. This will set the foundations for your distance learning and application in the workplace. We encourage you to go back to your hospitals and apply the skills you are learning as well as practicing with your lap boxes. Practice makes perfect.

Social Network

We encourage you to interact with your classmates and teachers. Use the social networking tools here to share experiences, best practice or reach out for support. Don't go it alone.

Measurable Progress

See how you are developing throughout the course with the tools available on your page. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as see the development of skills over the 6 month period. All assignments can be uploaded and scores viewed online.


What keep us going

Kinza Younas

Consultant, Singleton Hospital

Prof Lavinia Margarit

 Consultant, Princess of Wales Hospital

Prof Adnan Bunkheila

Consultant, Singleton Hospital




About Us

Founded in March 2013, The Wales Endoscopic Skills Training (WEST) course is a modular course to teach the fundamentals of basic and intermediate laparoscopic theoretical knowledge and psychomotor skills over 6 months.

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 If you are interested in attending the course please complete the application form as soon as possible. You will then be notified if your application has been successful. 

 The course begins around March of every year. It runs for 6 months, ending with the course awards dinner in September. 

 The face to face sessions are only one Saturday a month for the 6 month period. There will be a combination of full and half days. You will be provided with all of the dates prior to the course. Attendance on these practical days is highly recommended and we do have a minimum required attendance level. 

 Yes. You will be required to complete each module successfully and achieve the required grade to pass. At the end of the course there will be a final practical and written exam. You will be notified of your results. Certificates and achievement awards are given at the end of course awards dinner. 


User Experience 
Instructor Skills
Student Skills 
Course Skills



WEST Course is an education programme for gynaecologists looking to advance their endoscopic surgical training.

Suzanne Weerackoon, Obs&Gynae Department, Singleton Hospital, Swansea, SA2 8QA
01792 285686

WEST Course